is looking for book reviewers and writers who are worth reading twice.

Plant's is an independent book review available on the Internet's World Wide Web, featuring reviews of new titles and older books recommended by our cadre of writers and readers. Our audience is anyone who will read something as long as it's well-written.

The motto at Plant's--"It's worth reading twice"--extends to the reviews as well as the books we cover. We expect our reviewers to give the reader something more than just a notion of whether a book is absorbing (or not). The ideal review would entertain the reader to the point of distraction. In addition to reviews, we feature select works of fiction or non-fiction--anything that's worth reading twice.

Plant's Review of Books includes the following departments: Facing (our in-house editorial page and letters column), Extent (reviews of books already-published), Prelims, reviews of recently or soon-to-be released titles), Signature (our general section for non-fiction, fiction, and poetry), and Endpaper (an exploration of some aspect of the Northwest book world).


We're interested in experienced, witty scribes who like to write about books and other things. While we have a number of writers on board already, more talent is always welcome.

Plant's will review not merely latest releases but also backlist or out-of-print books that are worth a second read. We're interested in books that may have been missed by other reviews because they concerned offbeat subjects, were superficially of limited general interest, or were judged by the cover. We're interested in books that may have become suddenly relevant once again. We're interested in books that are just too old to have been reviewed in recent history. But most importantly, we're interested in books that are interesting. Plant's is for people who will read a book, article, or even a matchbook--as long as it's interesting. By "interesting," we don't just mean gripping, thrilling, or any other heart-thumping adjective. Interesting to us is also a new take on a subject; an unlikely viewpoint; an unusual voice or manner.

We're not assigning new titles to first-time contributors at this time. However, because we believe our reviews of extent books are a most important feature of the magazine, and because we rely on the knowledge of our reviewers and friends to supply us with the older titles, we encourage you to review something that you think fits the description above. For a proposal, put together a brief paragraph about the book, describe what makes it interesting to you, and send it to us.


What we're looking for is hard to describe, but easy to understand. We want interesting writing. We don't have any restrictions on subject matter. We don't have a preference for non-fiction or fiction. A Plant's article needn't concern itself with books, the book industry, or writing. Our only criterion: whatever the piece is, whatever it's about--it must be interesting. It should catch the casual reader's attention for long enough to read it to the end. It should be interesting enough for someone who would normally pass over an article about Topic X to read it anyway and be satisfied they did so. It should make them want to check back in a week ot so Plant's and read anything new because that story they read last time was so interesting.

If you've got a great essay but you can't think of who'd publish it; if that fabulous short story's just been needing a fresh reason for you to finish it; if you've got a solid piece of investigative reporting, send a query our way and we'll be glad to consider it. And, yes, we will publish poetry-but only if it's really, really interesting.

Please take a look at the accompanying description of the magazine's departments and let us know if you're interested in writing for any of them--all inquiries are welcome.

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