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The DirectOregon database is undergoing renovation, check back soon to see what's happened.

The Director 8 EPS to VectorShape converter is here!

ShadowText: A demo of dynamic text with transparent drop shadows using Flash and Director

Star Wars Text: faking the famous "crawl" at the beginning of Episode IV

Want to use Bézier curves for Director animations?
Check out our informative explanation and demo.

Darrel Plant's UCON '97 talk on
Bézier Curve and Time-Based Animation
is going up on the Web piece-by-piece!

Shockwave Examples are here! Some of the GetNetText demos
(complete with source files) from last year's Shockwave book.

If you have the Quicktime plug-in for your browser, check out our video from the Macromedia International User Conferences for 1997 and 1996!

We could have a bunch of links to other Director sites,
but we'd just be duplicating the efforts of Alan Levine at Director Web!

Try the resources of Director Online!

Director Online

Darrel Plant is a Technical Editor for the Macromedia User Journal

DirectOregon is the project of Darrel Plant, publisher at Moshofsky/Plant Creative Services, and is hosted on the Moshofsky/Plant Web Servers. Darrel is the author of three books on multimedia and the Internet. If you have comments or suggestions, please send him a message.

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