One of the big growth areas of the magazine business over the past decade has been in the category of city magazines. Where once upon a time only a metropolis the size of New York or London could support a magazine devoted to the experience of life in the city, you now find a wealth of periodicals named for their hometowns: Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, even Salt Lake City. Some of them survive-a lot of them don't.

Looking through these magazines, though, you can see one reason why. Most are distinguished by only the cover and the addesses within. Rules and formulas derived from other city magazines are followed rigidly: the events calendar; the food column; the interview with a celebrity; the fashion piece; and, if you're lucky, a semi-solid piece of reporting on a local business. Because of their purpose--to serve all members of a community--they must be general. Unfortunately, that doesn't make them very interesting to read.

Expect Plant's to be more than that. Our `city' is the community of readers in Portland and the rest of the world. Our interests are as wide as our readership's, and we aim to print reviews of anything that's worth reading twice. Plant's Review of Books' reviews reflect this by emphasizing not simply the latest and best, but books that may have been overlooked or just ignored in the past. Our features may not always fall into the category of what you'd expect to find in a book review, but we guarantee they'll be worth a second read.


  • Poor Traits of the Artist   -D.K. Holm
  • Only the Truth is Funny by Rick Reynolds
  • The Spy Who Came in for Cake & Milk   -Barbara Moshofsky
  • Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh
  • Secret Agent He-Man   -Paula Greer
  • the Matt Helm adventures by Donald Hamilton
  • Life of a Salaryman   -Bob McCullough
  • Salaryman by Meg Pei
  • Love Amongst the Ruined   -Mitzi Waltz
  • With the Next Man Everything Will be Different by Eva Heller
  • The Thorny Millenium   -Paula Greer
  • Creed for the Third Millenium by Colleen McCullough
  • Something Up His Sleaze   -Doug Rennie
  • A Garden of Sand & Tattoo by Earl Thompson
  • Ring of Fire   -Gregg Morris
  • Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean
  • Truman   -Doug Rennie
  • Truman by David McCullough
  • Huey Long   -Darrel Plant
  • Huey Long by T. Harry Williams
  • Reader Survey
  • do your part to help a struggling young book review
  • 'Family' Values   -Mary Rocco
  • The Godfather by Mario Puzo
  • It's All Macedonian to Me   -Paula Greer
  • Fire from Heaven & The Persian Boy by Mary Renault
  • Miserable   -Darrel Plant
  • What's the lesson in Les Mis?
  • Desperately Seeking Adolf   -Darrel Plant
  • an ongoing inquiry
  • Ye Olde Booke Shopper   -Angie Jabine
  • a trip to visit some Oregon antiquarians
  • covers   -Eric Rewitzer
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