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Paula Greer
was active in the cable investment industry for a number of years but has turned her attentions more recently to real estate appraisal. She was also the originator of one of our more popular features: The Garage Sale Reader.

D.K. Holm
is a Portland writer most recently associated with the magazine PDXS, and served as the movie reviewer for Portland's Willamette Week for more years than a lot of movie fans in the area care to remember. He was the first writer to be approached about writing for Plant's -- some three years before the first issue was published.

Angie Jabine
is the editor of Oregon Focus magazine, a publication for members of Oregon Public Broadcasting, in addition to being an organizer of LitEruption, Portland's literary happening.

Bob Mayfield
works somewhere in the Portland book industry.
  • Power to the Demos

Bob McCullough
is currently living in the Boston area, where he writes for -- among others -- Publishers Weekly.
  • Life of a Salaryman
  • Slow Boat to Nowhere
  • The Monster Within

Gregg Morris
is an instructor and lecturer in desktop publishing techniques for the University of Oregon, in addition to writing on a variety of issues for numerous publications.

Barbara Moshofsky
is the editor of a real estate investment newsletter and is the theater reviewer for Portland's Willamette Week. And she's our Associate & Literary Editor.

David Oates
is the author of the environmental study Earth Rising: Ecological Belief in an Age of Science (Oregon State University Press), and a book of poetry, Peace in Exile (Oyster Bay Press).

Darrel Plant
is the editor and publisher of this book review.

Doug Rennie
is a freelance writer whose fiction work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune Magazine, among others, and is a regular contributor to Runner's World, Willamette Week, and elsewhere.

Eric Rewitzer
is our art director, and had to have his own e-gallery because his contributions to Plant's won't fit on this page.

Mary Rocco
divides her time between lavish villas in Los Angeles, London, and Rome -- not her own.

Mitzi Waltz
is co-owner of Extreme Books, and a contributor to publications ranging from Mother Jones to Multimedia Producer.

Brian Wry
is an artist, type designer, and illustrator from Beavercreek, Oregon.

Brad Yazzolino
is an artist and avid reader, and lives with a former Jeopardy! contestant.

A.J. Zelada
is a former NEA grant recipient whose work has never been attacked by Jesse Helms--yet.

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